A strategic vision

To achieve Forestami’s goals and counteract the effects of climate change starting from the Metropolitan City of Milan, a mapping of potential areas was carried out, in order to be able to intervene in a precise and effective manner in the urban forestation of the metropolitan area.


  • → increasing green and pervious areas;
  • → increasing the share of green roofs by 90%;
  • → by reclaiming abandoned and polluted soils through phytoremediation;
  • → promoting the transformation of school, university and hospital courtyards, courtyards, private gardens and urban voids into green oases;
  • → promoting the creation of urban gardens and enhancing urban agriculture;
  • → creating a network of green and blue corridors to connect parks, forests, agriculture and green architecture;
  • → creating an orbital forest in the metropolitan city;
  • → promoting the demineralization of paved surfaces and compensation policies on land consumption and for projects with an impact on the environment;
  • → strengthening green public parks.

The scenarios were developed starting from the categories of urban and peri-urban forestry identified by FAO – Forestry Department.